A downloadable game for Windows

You've lost control of your car's speed, and now it's swerved into oncoming traffic! Avoid crashing into cars by using A and D or the arrow keys on a keyboard, and the left stick or D-pad on a controller.


Download for Windows 27 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the Neon Turbo.zip file and run the executable inside. Don't move any files from their original location.


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This was presented really well; the music and art really go well together to give a cool retro-feel. 

I did find that I could stick to the lane markings or just ride the wall to avoid all collisions. But if I avoid cheating like that I found the controls were smooth and responsive; the addition of speed changes really throws you out as well. 

There's a lot here in what is really a very simple game, all those little bits of polish. High-score would have been a nice final polish touch, but otherwise it's all packaged up well. 

Great work, man. Keen to see your next game.

thanks man, i really appreciate it :)